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Revolutionize the relationship you have with your data.

Better business decisions come from a greater understanding of your data makes it easy to create dashboard and other types of reports from your organization's data. Reports can be created by using online templates or previously created Excel-based reports, and can then be completely customized right from your desktop. Forget programming, HTML or learning other esoteric reporting programs because we use the most powerful and widely understood business tool ever invented as an interface to our reporting engine — Microsoft® Excel. is the only solution that enables you to:
  • Sign up, setup and design custom reports from your databases in hours - not months or days!
  • is the only online reporting tool that uses the program you already know and love, Microsoft® Excel, as a front-end so you can create reports and analyze data without learning to use another program or requiring help from your IT department. With and Microsoft® Excel, report creation is only limited by your imagination!
  • Build reports that pull data from multiple disparate databases simultaneously.
  • Deliver personalized reports in Excel, PDF or to a website.
  • Combine hand-entered data with any report, at any time, without affecting dynamically generated results.
  • Deliver fully auditable reports that allow you to track a result to the base data.
  • Enhance your Business Intelligence with reports that make data calculations, slicing & dicing, optimization and what-if scenarios a breeze.
  • Easily incorporate your existing spreadsheets into custom reports
  • Automatically write the results contained in any report back to a database
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